Loree Gerard Fisher
Specializing in pet portraits, farm animals and wildlife, in oil, watercolor, ink or mixed medium.
 Meet the newest member of our pet family.  Pippi is  a pure bred Shih-Tzu who is 6 months old.  She has such a sweet personality and is so smart!  We got her from our friend, Nancy Bauserman, owner of Edelweiss Farm where she had raised Shih-Tzu’s since 1973.  To contact her about AKC registered Shih-Tzu puppy you can call (540)743-3233 or email at edelweiss-farm@hotmail.com. Pippi’s puppy coat is gold with a black mask, but it looks like she may be champagne when she gets her first puppy cut.
    This is the first time I have done a painting in progress for the website,  I am painting Pippi’s portrait in oil on a 6” x 6” cotton canvas.  I chose the photograph I am using for her portrait because I liked the tilt of her head and the highlight in her eyes. I always do a drawing before starting any pet portrait using conte crayons and, or charcoal on good quality paper.  This is important because it gives me a good feel for placement of the subject regarding composition. I start the portrait with an under painting in acrylic paint because it dries quickly.  It is easy to make corrections and to change placement before I begin the oil painting. The most important aspect of portrait painting is to capture your pets personality.  Which is why I love to meet the pets that I am commissioned to paint, because it is wonderful to see their energy level and their love of their owner.  Wherever it is possible, I like to take my own photos of the dogs or cats that I am about to paint.  Of course, this is not always possible because of distance or if the pet is deceased.  When you send photos of your pet, please consider lighting, pose and size.  It is very difficult to accurately capture the details of you pet is it is only a half an inch large in a photo.   When sending me photos feel free to send us multiple shots of your pet and let me know what you like about each of the photos.  That way I have lots of material to gauge the features and coloring of your pet and come up with a great composition. Working in progress , please check back later
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 Almost finished. !!!!